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Fish, Flowers, and Freedom!

A lot has been happening lately at Caples Lake…


The fish are biting.

The flowers are blooming.

And we’re getting ready to celebrate our country’s FREEDOM!

With regards to the fish, the CDFW recently planted ~2,000 lbs of rainbow trout and 800 lbs of brown trout, making fishing for boaters and on shore a success!


The weather here at Caples Lake has been spectacular – nothing but sunshine and warmth that makes you want to jump into the cool alpine lake! As for the flowers, Mother Nature is doing her best work painting the mountains with all the vibrant colors one can imagine and the wildflowers are doing their best to show off!   With that, the trails have melted out and the hiking is in full throttle to allow for your viewing enjoyment.


FREEDOM!  This week we all get to celebrate one of our favorite days, the 4th of July, celebrating America’s independence!  Because we love this day so much, we will be fully open!  All or our facilities will be open for use and our restaurant will be fully operational.  We will also have live music at our lounge for all to enjoy! 


Come on over to Caples Lake and enjoy this wonderful holiday with us!

   Catch some fish.

   Enjoy boating on the lake.

   Take a cold plunge.

   Hike the trails.

   …and then come join us for some delicious food and live music to finish off an epic day at the lake!

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