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Mushroom Foraging is a Tasty Treasure Hunt through the Spectacular California Alps

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Foraging for wild edible mushrooms in the fall is a High Sierra pastime – ideal climate and pristine forest yield a bounty of diverse and delicious fungus that has been revered throughout history and draws mycophiles from far and wide – and the Carson Pass/Caples Lake area (Hwy 88) is long recognized as a top spot for fungus foraging.

Mushrooms thrive in wet conditions, and the extraordinary amount of snow last winter triggered a ‘shroom bloom’ that is still going strong. Now is the ideal time to hunt for popular varieties like chanterelles, sugar caps and hedgehogs. (Never eat a mushroom unless you can identify the species with 100% certainty; many wild edible mushrooms have poisonous look-alikes.)

Caples Lake Resort has everything you need to gear up and go gather tasty woodland morsels, but not for much longer. The last night for fall lodging will be October 15th, and last day for all current resort operations is October 16th.

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